MG Sinanju Stein Ver. Ka.

I was planning to build a proper Gundam for a long while. After much pottering around I decided on the Sinanju Stein, primarily because I like its design, it is a nice and beefy Master Grade kit, but also because I like spending hours on decals and the Ver. Ka. versions deliver these in boatloads. It being my first proper Gundam I overestimated my skills a bit and decided I would also do some custom details, metal effects, pearl effects and a fully painted inner frame. Needless to say this one took me a while, 3 months to be more precise.

I am quite satisfied by the result though, Bandai really makes amazing kits!20170408_121313





Japan #3

I’m sorry people, it’s been a while. The last month was filled with a three week trip to Japan and a mini festival in my garden, so updating this warped ego-vehicle of a blog has been a bit lower on my agenda. I hope a few tree-oriented photos from the trip will make up for it at least a little bit.

Mossy Birch forest in Hokkaido.20170502_155944

A well maintained and impressive pine near the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto.20170517_112642

The Maples in Koyasan.20170518_135214.jpg

One of the many, perfectly pruned, city trees in Takayama.20170514_174553

Weird Japan

Ok, just one more Japan post, for now. This time just a few assorted photos of things you’ll only find in Japan.

20150817_233252Tommy Lee Jones being all badass selling hot coffee, in a can, from a machine naturally.

20150813_182533A flushing sound machine for when you don’t want to fart throught the thin walls. A very common option on most toilets.

20150818_021634Obviously a secondary panel with the other toilet essentials can’t be missed. Even train station toilets are this advanced, and clean enough to eat from -every other country in the world, I hope you take this as a lesson.

20150820_195334Plastic food in restaurants to choose from.

20150809_215503And always a warehouse closeby where sensitive people can get their daily epileptic seizure. Nice and cramped with a shelf of fireworks somewhere in the back.

Bonsai Japan

So well then you finally go to Japan like you dreamt about for the majority of your mature life. Obviously seeing bonsai and gardens is a big part. Me, being the retard I am, off course had to go to Omiya on the ONE day in the week everything is closed there. I could hit myself. So what is left then?

20150813_143851A nice little temple with ants that tried to eat me.

20150813_155156Bonsai-themed manhole covers.

20150813_143142World class Bonsai standing in the street completely unguarded.

20150813_154931One nursery my very bold girlfriend talked us into, me being way to modest (I prefer Japanised) to be so blunt myself, and being so retarded (again) to completely forget remembering his name. He was a famous one too even! Saw quite a few “important bonsai masterpiece” tags. Yes I’m still hitting myself, trust me.

20150813_154215An absolutely unreal Nebari on this trident Maple.

20150813_153336Not just one, hundreds. All in a condition you’ll only see very occasionally in Europe.

Japan #1

It’s always a bit sad when vacation ends, well at least to me. This years vacation was nice, for a change we didn’t go far, almost literally as my girlfriend bought a camper that broke down more frequently than that it actually provided vacation. But off to work it is again this week. A good moment for me to show some photos of last years vacation to Japan. I’ll split it in two, first some general photos and next week a bit more Bonsai-specific.

20150809_044625I’ve been to quite a few countries, far away and close. Japan has obviously always been a big dream for me and despite thinking I know the country and the culture quite well nothing could have prepared me for the first culture shock. The photo above is literally that moment. Landed fresh in Narita, in the middle of the summer (read; extremely hot and humid) we started in Shibuya, my idea, and then this is the first thing you see coming out of the metro. A photo can’t ever do it justice, crowded, a bit uncanny, hot, noisy and at the same time slightly serene. Lost in translation from the get go.

20150815_121246Tokyo was very fun and interesting but after being worn down for four days by countless impressions we were a bit glad to go to the countryside to our Ryokan. Thank god it’s also a bit cooler outside Tokyo. In Japan a beautiful sight is never far away, so I almost wasn’t suprised to find this stunning temple and park literally just next to our Ryokan.

20150817_143745Our next stop, Kyoto was the place I liked most. Another example of the sheer amount of tranquillity and beauty that is so easy to find in Japan. A “simple” temple pond, just one of the many lining the street close to our hotel. Koi swimming close to your feet, cicadas chirping and clicking a symphony around you, and the ever present summer heat and humidity.

20150820_154833Fuji-san, on our way back to Tokyo. I jumped around our train like a todler to get this photo. I’m not a man of symbols but I’m very happy to have seen this with my own eyes.

20150813_192253OK just one more culture shock before going home then; electric city Akihabara.