Trumpeter T-80BV MBT

My little tank was finished about a year ago. One hell of a kit Trumpeter made, over 800 parts and at times a difficult build. The nice thing with tanks is that generally painting is quite straightforward and you can have a bit of fun weathering. I added a few extra details myself, metal headlights and other lenses, and a grassy base I made myself from pre-made moorland slabs from Faller.

Scale is 1/35, build time is around 60 hours.





A bit of pruning

This Spruce has been one of my favourites for years. It started as a simple, half dead, christmas tree bought cheaply and pruned rigorously.


Last year it got it’s first bit of wiring which already lifted it from tree in pot, to something almost Bonsai.20170306_132818

After some very full and healthy growth this spring I thought it was ready for some “final” forming. I mostly just pruned the middle and the top to get a more layered look. It might need some more, the tophat it has now needs to be more refined, but that can wait till next year.