Trumpeter 12,8cm Kanone Rh.

This one took me a while. I was quite set on making a proper piece of artillery again, this time with all the paintings and trimmings. For the first time I also ordered an aftermarket turned aluminium barrel and brass munition set. Naive as I am I got started on this one with much anticipation, but boy did I forget a few things;

  • Trumpeter makes difficult kits with lots of parts, quality can be a bit chaotic too
  • Proper painting and weathering of an artillery kit takes time and patience
  • Painting and building in parts makes the risk of a final cockup a bit “stressy”

A few cursewords might have left my mouth with this one. In the end I’m quite pleased regardless, especially with the base and the scratchbuilt ammo rack I added besides a few extra details to the kit. Scale is 1:35, painting is done by hand and with airbrush, total build time is 30+ hours with over 320 parts.





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