Hasegawa P-47 Thunderbolt

Winter is in full swing so growing Bonsai is a bit of a contradiction now, keeping them alive is a term that applies more at the moment. There’s enough to say about Bonsai but when they’re not growing outside I tend to lose interest a bit. They are cold outside and talking about them won’t change that, so I’d rather create something else while we wait for spring. Another hobby of mine is one that has a habit of popping up then, building scale models. Just leave it to me to find something even more elderly and uncool as growing Bonsai in your early thirties. Ah well, from now on one or two finished models might also pop up here. I’ll try my best to keep the blog mostly Bonsai oriented though.

To start things off I’d like to show a build I almost threw in the bin a few years ago but finished regardless. Just a simple aluminium plane in flight, I like the elegant but powerful form the Thunderbolt has. The scale is 1:48, painting is done by airbrush. Getting an aluminium finish like this is more difficult than you’d think so I’m actually a bit proud of this one 🙂




Like with Bonsai, making a good photo of one of these is almost as hard as building one.


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