Chicken proofing

We decided to get chickens again this year. Everyone who has the slightest experience with these animals and gardening will attest to the sheer destructive capability these little feathery assholes have. They are fun to have around, the eggs taste wonderful, but in essence they are pigs with feathers. They’ll eat anything, anywhere, any moment. Needless to say having a collection of Bonsai within their reach is not a good thing. The fresh buds for the coming spring taste like a nice autumn salad for them so they have to be protected.

The culprits, being all “I don’t give a fuck” in the garden:20161024_142211

Since it’s too much fun having them free and enjoying their life around the house, I didn’t want to have them locked up. Winter is coming and the trees need to be moved close to the house to protect them from the occasionally harsh Dutch winter anyways, so we devised a solution. It’s not pretty but it does the job. Coming spring I’ll make some nice Bonsai-benches out of their reach and post the result here. For now this will do, a bit of fence and a few sticks placed firmly in the ground so the young buds are protected from their ever prying beaks.20161024_142303


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