Autumn colours

As it is almost mandatory this season, some nice autum pics of the trees. I Always like seeing the leaves change.

Maples in particular always give a colour show.20161024_123852

One of the European Beeches looks quite nice this year too.20161024_123912

An American Oak that is particulary vibrant in the rain, wish the leaves would get smaller though but this species is really hard to make anywhere near Bonsai-like. I keep it for fun and giggles regardless.20161015_114907

And a Zelkova that is one of my favourites.20161024_124007




#Hipster Garden pictures

There’s nothing you can do about it, after summer comes fall. I personally like fall, it’s a nice time to look back at the growing season and to prepare for next summer. The work you do in fall pays off next year. To look back at a lovely summer I’d like to show some (heavily filtered) pictures of my garden this year.

Naughty little shroom.20160704_163758

The roses.20160624_203403

The corner under the apple tree.20160613_162554

The garden shed being taken over.20160612_161724

My (unused) anvil.20160612_153920