Weird Japan

Ok, just one more Japan post, for now. This time just a few assorted photos of things you’ll only find in Japan.

20150817_233252Tommy Lee Jones being all badass selling hot coffee, in a can, from a machine naturally.

20150813_182533A flushing sound machine for when you don’t want to fart throught the thin walls. A very common option on most toilets.

20150818_021634Obviously a secondary panel with the other toilet essentials can’t be missed. Even train station toilets are this advanced, and clean enough to eat from -every other country in the world, I hope you take this as a lesson.

20150820_195334Plastic food in restaurants to choose from.

20150809_215503And always a warehouse closeby where sensitive people can get their daily epileptic seizure. Nice and cramped with a shelf of fireworks somewhere in the back.


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