Just a little wire, Picea Abies

This Norway Spruce (Picea Abies) was bought two years ago in a gardening center. It was one of those trees they sell for half price in the back and it was not in a healthy shape. Basically it was a dense half dead cone of falling needles. I saw some potential in the trunk shape and eventhough I’m more of a deciduous man I took it home. I thinned it out quite heavily and then let it be for two years. With this first round of pruning I made sure to open it up, give it some air and find some interesting movement around the trunk. The thing I love most about growing bonsai is how happy and healthy you can make a tree by just repotting it and giving it some love. This one was very rewarding and this spring it showed some very vigorous and compact growth.

I decided it was ready for some first styling steps. I think the basic form is already getting close to how I see this tree going, a simple healthy formal upright.20160511_172817

The only thing I wanted to do this year is to give the bottom two branches a bit more room so they will fill out more in the coming years. I’m still not sure how to go on from there but this little change alone really makes me look forward to how it will develop further. 20160529_163851


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