Wild Beech progression, Fagus Sylvatica

I found this wild Beech in the forest 5 years ago. It was a small shrub with lots of small low branches stuck between a few bigger brothers. I supposed it wouldn’t amount to a proper tree and since it was allready in a good starter shape I dug it up. Usually beeches don’t have a lot of viable low/short branches with buds close to the trunk, but this one did so in the pot it went. The movement of the trunk in particular was the reason I had to take it home. I like local species and eventhough european beeches are really hard to form I have a soft spot for them.

This is the first year, just after the relocation. I still left some branches on to have some buds further away on the branches as backup.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As strong as beeches can be when you treat them right it started to leaf out very well the coming year, and even better; close to the trunk. That meant those unsightly branches could be shortened further when the leaves fell to make room for younger and denser growth next year.IMG_20130204_071640

Which rewarded me  with some nice progression. It’s still not a bonsai by any means but it is getting somewhere. Young fresh branches with plenty of room for buds and ramification.20130728_141041

Skipping forward two more years of careful pinching the young shoots after every second leaf in spring and one or two carefull corrections it is starting to look like a Bonsai in the making. It has some nice movement, something vaguely nebari-esque and fills in quite well.

Mind you it’s still a beech so keeping it compact is hard, backbudding is impossible and thickening of the branches takes ages, but I like it so far. Next year I’ll try to make some proper pictures.20150906_134153



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