Shroomy meadows

A few of my well established Bonsai have made some suprising friends in their little pots these past years. I have no idea if it’s one of the benificial strains of fungi (Mycorrhiza) but since the trees are in a very healthy state I presume it is. A few years ago I had a few established and healthy trees that had a good amount of white mold in their pots, I took some of it out and spread it around and now they seem to have taken root. I see it as beneficial regardless of type and origin, any biodiversity in the well drained soil of a healthy and established tree is good in my book, but I’m sure many would feel differently. I’m curious though:

  • Is this common and how would you react to it
  • Does Mycorriza form fruiting bodies and how can you identify them
  • What signals are important not to overlook besides the obvious (loss of vigour, bad drainage, lichen etc)

It does make for some nice pictures.20140901_134853





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